Soundproof windows in homes near Midway not a health risk, aviation department says

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Soundproof windows installed in homes near Midway Airport are not a health risk, according to the Chicago Department of Aviation.

The department announced that initial testing found no evidence that the windows installed could be harmful. The windows were installed as part of a city program to block out noise, the Residential Sound Insulation Program.

"Based on our close review of this matter, we agree that it's highly unlikely that the RSIP windows are detracting from the health/quality of air in the homes," said Dr. Julie Morita, Commissioner, CDPH. "With more testing in order and warranted to develop a deeper understanding of the odors, we will continue working with the CDA to review findings and advise on any next steps as needed."

"First and foremost, we are pleased that the testing has revealed no evidence of an impact on indoor air quality or related health concerns," said Ginger S. Evans, Commissioner, CDA. "But we are not done yet, and we agree with the recommendation of the experts that more refined testing is needed to bring forward the answers that the community deserves. We are committed to continued transparency on this matter, and we are looking at all of our options in addressing this issue systematically for all of our affected homeowners."

Some residents claimed they emitted dangerous fumes and smelled like burning plastic. The aviation department says it will do more testing.

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