Tips on how to prepare for Chicago Half Marathon

CHICAGO (WLS) -- More than 15,000 athletes will run in the Chicago Half Marathon this Sunday, September 24, and another 45,000 will take on the Chicago Marathon on October 8.

Whether you are running 13 miles or 26, it's something you must prepare for both physically and mentally.

Just finishing an endurance race of this type is an accomplishment, but many people don't think about all the obstacles athletes overcome to do it. Things like dehydration, overheating and muscle cramping are just the tip of the ice berg.

Here are things athletes should do to stay safe and healthy during a race:

-Learn how to monitor their "sweat rate" - aka understanding how much fluid you typically lose while running
-Prepare the body in advance to drink Gatorade to avoid upset stomach - it's actually advised that you don't mix sports drinks with waters or gels
-Have a plan for mid-race bathroom breaks - many people don't consider it or factor it into their goal times
-Standardize your pre-race meal - yes, athletes should be eating the same meal before training with the same amount of "lead time"
-Know when pain is pain, and when you should begin to worry
-Have a post-marathon recovery plan in place

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