Expert says 'helicopter parenting' could ruin entire generation of children

"Helicopter parenting" has been a hot issue among parenting styles and now some say it can ruin a whole generation of children.

So-called helicopter parenting is when parents are overprotective and hover over their child's every move.

Some say by doing this, they're raising a generation that will be under-prepared for the real world.

One expert says parents need to give their child some freedom and let them make their own mistakes.

"Kids grow up. They can't do for themselves. They don't have life skills, they don't have the skills needed for the workplace and they have much higher rates of anxiety and depression," author Julie Lynthcott-Haims said.

Some tips to avoid helicopter parenting include to stop arguing with them, stop doing their homework for them and to make sure the kids do their chores to give them a sense of accountability.
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