Breathalyzer tests become new policy at high school dances in Oregon school district

SALEM, Ore. -- A controversial new plan is taking place to make sure kids are sober at school dances.

From now on, Salem-Keizer School District will administer breathalyzer tests to students at random before events like prom and homecoming.

The school says the tests will be done in private and the student will have two chances to pass.

If they don't pass, they will not be allowed to enter the dance.

In addition, the student's parent or guardian will be called to pick them up and a school resource officer will be notified, meaning the student will face some type of discipline.

One parent says the new policy violates the kids' fourth amendment rights that protect against unreasonable search and seizure.

The school says dances are optional, so the breathalyzers don't violate student's rights.

Instead, they believe the policy will cut back on the number of students who drink before dances and encourage positive decision-making.
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