Stop sign installed after mom killed in West Side hit-and-run caught on camera: 'It'll always hurt'

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Monday, February 21, 2022
Stop sign installed after mom killed in West Side hit-and-run
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A stop sign was put in after a mom was killed in a West Garfield Park hit-and-run, caught on surveillance camera.

CHICAGO (WLS) -- A month after a Chicago mother was struck and killed by a speeding car outside her home on the city's West Side, her family celebrated some bittersweet progress at the very intersection she died.

Angel Thomas was leaving her home last month, crossing the street on the corner Jackson and Kildare in West Garfield Park, when, police say a speeding car hit, then dragged her down the block.

Surveillance video captured it all unfold.

The mother of three passed away as her fellow neighbors were already pushing, for months, for a stop sign to be put up there.

"It'll always hurt to ride pass and be here," said Angelica Daniels, Thomas' sister.

Thomas' other sister, Theresa Dorsey, pointed out where stop signs were added following the tragedy.

"It's one on this side and one on the opposite side of the street," Dorsey said. "They added the stop signs right here. It's one on this side and one on the opposite side of the street."

For those who live on the block, it's a long-awaited achievement.

"I really feel like if the stop sign was up, my sister would've never got killed," Daniels said. "It's unfortunate my sister had to lose her life, you know, as a part of this cause."

Still, the pain from the family's loss continues.

"The city, they did fail this community by taking this long. Like someone had to lose their life for a stop sign to be put up," Daniels said.

Theresa Jefferson is the victim's mother.

"I am grateful for the stop signs, but I also think they need to do speed bumps as well," Jefferson said.

At the very spot Thomas had her last moments alive, her family, called the sign her legacy.

"We call this Angel's Stop! This will forever and always be Angel's Stop," said Andranika Williams Thomas' best friend.

Dorsey said even more can be done in her sister's name.

"Maybe having, like, donate to the homeless, or having food and providing different things at this stop sign," Dorsey said. "And, letting her life continue to move on at Angel's Stop."

The sign serves as a reminder to keep that fateful day from repeating itself.

While it's been a little more than a month since Thomas was killed, despite there being surveillance video showing the suspect's apparent car, so far, no one has been arrested.