How to plan the ultimate holiday party with help from the Wit Hotel

CHICAGO (WLS) -- It's party season time and maybe the thought of hosting overwhelms you.

You have to think about the décor, the food, the music!

But Beatriz Jara from the Wit Hotel says just break it all down into simple steps She joined ABC7 with some party-planning tips:

1. Decor - Use fabrics, trending color schemes, tablescapes, to ensure your guests to say "WOW!" when they walk in.
2. Craft Cocktails - Greet your guests with a drink that has cute and creative holiday garnishes and straws. These go a long way when you are entertaining. Be sure to add trending flavors and an presentation you can post on Instagram.
3. Interactive Experience - Activities, including games, can be an icebreaker for your guests, and really get people talking to each other and moving.

4. Photo booth - Help your guests to remember the party with small Polaroid cameras scattered around the tables, themed backdrops and props.
5. Food - Create hors d'oeurves that your guests will remember and talk about. Be sure there is a WOW factor in each bite, and that each are displayed in creative and trendy ways.
6. Playlists - Develop a music playlist that aids in defining the energy of the party.

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