Sam's Toy Box: Tactile toys

CHICAGO (WLS) -- If you're scrambling to figure out what to get your kids for the holidays you are in luck. Consumer Reporter Samantha Chatman is opening the toy box. She has the hottest toys of 2019.

Toy expert Laurie Schact has spent several months trying out thousands of toys to come up with a list.

Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Popcorn Party Play Food Set (Hasbro)

-There's no stoppin' the poppin' fun! The PLAY-DOH KITCHEN CREATIONS POPCORN PARTY PLAY FOOD SET toy comes with everything you need to make creative PLAY-DOH popcorn masterpieces.
-Use the machine to crank pretend popcorn into the three buckets, which come in small, medium, and large.
-Next, mix it up with silly snack mixes! Add fun play food toppings like pretend pretzels, crazy candy, and more with the candy-themed stamps and molds. Don't forget to squeeze in some silly syrup or butter with the syrup tool.
-This PLAY-DOH popcorn party set comes with six cans of PLAY-DOH compound in both small 1-ounce and standard 2-ounce sized cans.
-The two creation cards feature step-by-step instructions for four fun things to make.
-Add this PLAY-DOH set to your list of movie night party supplies for a great kids' activity, or have a PLAY-DOH popcorn party on a snow day, rainy day, or any day you're feeling creative!
-Age: 3+
-MSRP: $14.99
-Available: most major retailers

Fluffy Cloudz 8 ounce jar assortment (Wecool Toys)

-Fluffy Cloudz is the hottest new slime to hit the toy aisle this year!
-Sure to ooze children with delight, the colorful, super-stretchy CLOUD SLIME assortment features fruit flavored scents including Berry Blast, Cococraze, Grape Squeeze, Melon Mania, Peach Paradise and Piney Party.
-Also comes with surprise charms!
-Ages: 4+
-MSRP: $9.99-$49.99
-Available: Walmart and Michael's

Pop Pops and Pop Pops Snotz Slime Slammer Hammer (Yulu)

-Combines the "addiction" of popping bubble wrap, the satisfaction of slime, collectibles, and unboxing!
-More than 60 varieties including rare, super rare, and special editions!
- Pop the bubble, slime oozes out; play with the slime to see which collectible you get!
-Great visual: with popping sound and oozing slime!

-Pop Pops come in two varieties - the super cute Pop Pop Pets and super gross Pop Pop Snotz.
-Each 6 pack contains two surprise figures, each 12 pack contains four surprise figures.
-The Slime Slammer Hammer allows for even more smashing fun.
- Use it to smash the Pop Pops bubbles or take advantage of the storage compartments to store Pop Pop Snotz characters or slime.
-Also, the hammer handle also serves as a syringe that can suck up and squirt out slime.
- Pop the Pop Pops slime filled bubbles and see if you can find one of the 60 collectable gross Snotz characters.
-The Pop Pops Snotz Slime Slammer Hammer pack comes with the Slime Slammer Hammer, 18 slime filled bubbles with 6 hidden Snotz Characters.
-Age: 4+
-MSRP: 6 Pack MSRP: $4.99 / 12 Pack MSRP: $7.99, $14.99 (Hammer)

Slimygloop Slimysand three-pound bags (Horizon Group)

-SLIMYGLOOP SLIMYSAND is fun to stretch, mold and play.
-Watch it stretch and expand right before your eyes.
-This less mess SLIMYGLOOP SLIMYSAND molds like sand and provides easy cleanup!
-Pair with any kind of molds, rollers or impression plates for more ways to play.
-The resealable bag feature is great for cleanup, storage, groups and independent play.
-Age: 5+
-MSRP: $14.99
-Available: Amazon

Orb Odditeez Morphimals (Orb)

-Transform your world with Morphimals, the ever-changing, bendable toys that completely express themselves.
-Each one starts as a cool, collectible character-how it takes shape is totally up to you.
-Twist, mold, pull, or squish-the possibilities are endless!
- Is ShapeSaurus a dino or a snake? The decision is yours to make.
-Age: 5+
- MSRP: $9.99
- Available: Target

Treasure Z Aliens (Moose Toys)

-Treasure X offers multiple layers of discovery and the chance to find real treasure.
-Treasure X Aliens unveils 18 new figures hidden within an oozy alien dissection.
- Embark on an exciting space adventure to rescue your treasure hunter - cutting, digging and dissecting them from one of three different alien bodies - and find out if your package includes the rare prize of a real space gem.
-Ages: 5+
-MSRP: $14.99
- Available: All major retailers

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