IKEA makeover of the WCL kitchen

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Thanks to Ikea, the WCL kitchen has a fresh new look! (WLS)

WCL is about to start season 6 and the years have NOT been kind to our kitchen!

It's time for a new look and new organization. Val and Ryan show how sad the old kitchen was and introduced a brand new modern, organized and decked out kitchen - all thanks to our friends at IKEA!

All the drawers are organized to find everything and anything, plus a specific organizer to personalize the kitchen. And the drawers have lights in them. How cool is that?

Cabinet space seems to have more than doubled - without making the kitchen any bigger - just by using the space much more efficiently.

New cabinets need new appliances, so our friends at KitchenAid hooked us up with the latest refrigerator - a 22 cubic-foot, 36-inch width counter depth french door refrigerator with interior dispenser - and an electric cooktop with five radiant elements and touch-activated controls, so it makes it much easier to clean and control the temperature. We also have a new 27-inch combination wall oven with Even-Heat True Convection and a microwave built into the cabinet.

For more about IKEA's line of kitchens, visit their website here.

For more about the latest in KitchenAid appliances, visit their website here.
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