Rainy weather delays several construction projects

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Record rain in May and a soggy start to June has delayed many outdoor projects in the Chicago area.

Painters, landscapers and roofers are now playing catch-up.

At one Edison Park neighborhood house, Jim Amatore, of Chicago Painters, Inc., said he's three weeks behind schedule. For three weeks, scaffolding has been outside the house.

Amatore said the weather determines how fast they can complete their projects.

"A lot of frustrated people out there right now. And every time it rains, they get pushed back another day," he said.

The houses needs new doors, as well as painting and brickwork, however, the heavy rain has caused periodic flooding, so the owners added a backyard trench.

The project was originally scheduled to take 4 to 5 days.

"The customers don't understand that. They get upset. Any time we get a chance to come in here we gotta get in here," Amatore said.

Amatore said they are already 10 weeks into outdoor project season, which typically starts after Easter.

But the weather makes it hard to chip away at the backlog of jobs.

"We want to get it done faster than they do, trust me, because then we get paid on it and we're on to the next job," Amatore said.
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