Volunteers aim to count Chicago's homeless to determine resources needed

CHICAGO (WLS) -- The count is on to determine how many people are homeless in Chicago.

Volunteers fanned out across the city Thursday night to aid in the effort.

The information gathered in the count is used to plan for resources needed to support the homeless.

"For instance in 2020, we were able to put an additional $5 million toward the flexible housing pool, which is set up to rapidly house people that are homeless," said Marisa Novara, city of Chicago commissioner of housing.

"When you're on the streets, it is really hard to regain where you were in life. People think it's easy to just get right back on your feet, but it really is not without a phone, place to wash your clothes, you know, get ready for work ," said Andrew Whitaker, who is homeless.

The Chicago Department of Family and Support Services conducts the annual count.

Federal agencies require the count every two years.
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