Homeless couple ties the knot with help from donors in Michigan

BYRON CENTER, MI -- Jerold and Mani Clay, who are both homeless, are finally husband and wife after wanting to get married for the last three years.

Their special day didn't come easy but if finally happened thanks to the some very generous people.

Sealed with a kiss and a stamp of approval, the Clays were married courtesy of Kenneth Kibby, who has married over 100 couples inside his home over the past 11 years.

"The circumstances that brings two people together are never the same," Kibby says.

Like the Clays, what they've been through is a story in itself.

"Unexpected, I guess," Kibby says. "I had no idea."

Unaware that prior to Tuesday, Mani had no dress. Jerold had no tie. And the both of them had no place to live.

"Everybody's situation is different," Kibby says. "I have no idea what theyre going to do, no idea what got them to where they are."

Thats the exact reason he didn't charge this couple a single dime

"Wow like, it was hard a little bit," Jerold Clay says. "You work for the money and just to get it back, Im like, whoa. It meant something to me today, it brought a little tear to my eye."

As for the wedding dress, tie and bouquet, its all thanks to Mel Trotter Ministries, helping one of their guests on her special day.

"It was a blessing. I didnt expect this at all," Mani Clay says. "We just wanted to do it casual with a few friends and family, and they came to me and made this happen. The dress, makeup, hair and everything. It meant a lot."
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