How to build the perfect snowman

Making a snowman isn't as easy as it seems! Building technique and weather conditions play a very important role in how your snowman turns out. Follow these tips from AccuWeather to create the perfect snowman:

  • Location is everything, so make sure you start out on a flat surface with about two inches of wet snow for the snowman to sit on. You'll also need a big patch of snow that you can use to roll the snowman.
  • The ideal temperature for snowman construction is 30 degrees Fahrenheit. At that point, the snow has only a little moisture in it but is still soft enough to shape. If it's too cold, the snow will be too powdery to form correctly.
  • Make a big ball of snow and roll! Start from the bottom up and make the biggest bottom you can roll. Starting from the bottom, the balls for the perfect snowman's figure are three, two and one foot in diameter, respectively.
  • Don't forget to decorate! Buttons, rocks and charcoal can all be used to decorate your snowman. Finish with the arms and a hat, and you've got yourself a snowman.
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