Perspectives Charter School students march for peace on South Side

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Hundreds of teens once again took to the streets of the city's South Side on Friday to call for peace.

The teens gathered on the Near South Side for the "I am for peace" march to rally and plead for an end to gun violence in their neighborhoods.

"The neighborhood I live in, it's a gang neighborhood. There's gun violence around there, so I could be a victim of gun violence," said Laniya Williams, who came out for the march.

Artist and activist FM Supreme shared an inspirational message through song before the march stepped off at 24th and State streets.

Marchers could be heard chanting, "grades up, guns down."

This was the youth-organized march's sixth year, which was initiated by students who attend Perspectives Charter School.

"I believe that it do start with the young people because we are the next generation," said Teyona Lofton, one of the march's co-organizers.

Many of Perspectives' 1,500 students' lives have been touched by gun violence, giving extra meaning to the anti-violence effort.

Jave't Coppage, a recent graduate, hopes marches like this will bring change for Chicago.

"One voice can change everything," he said. Being silent is an option but it's not the best option."
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