Make sure your tires are in good shape before traveling this holiday season

As you prepare to travel during one of the most busiest times of the year, you'll want to make sure your tires are in good shape, especially if you see a lot of wet conditions.

Experts say low-tread tires that are smoothed out are often to blame in hydroplaning accidents.

"People aren't aware so much as their tires are wearing, they're also losing performance in certain areas - wet, snow, ice," Consumer Reports Auto Expert Jennifer Stockburger said.

Hydroplaning occurs when your tires have such low tread that they are unable to disperse the water on the road causing a wedge of water to form in front of the tire. That wedge of water makes it so the tires no longer grip the road, resulting in the driver losing control of the car.

The best way to see if your tires are up to par is by conducting the "quarter-test."

Take a quarter with its head facing up and place it in the groove of the tire. If the tread covers George Washington's neck, you're in the good for the season. Otherwise, that's when you will want to start shopping for new tires.
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