Whitney Young High School honored for creating dress out of 'I VOTED' wristbands

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Whitney Young High School senior Mila Livoni Zidel is passionate about many things, and fashion and voting are just two of them.

Tuesday, Zidel was honored by the Board of Elections for her fashion creation that was inspired by those two passions.

"I'm going to be voting soon, and I want to make a piece that reflects that. I want it to say it's important to vote" Zidel said.

With the upcoming election on her mind, the 18-year-old decided create an "I VOTED POWER" dress made mainly out of "I VOTED" wristbands.

"I had saved the bracelets from previous elections because I knew I wanted to do something with them," she said. "All of a sudden it just came to me. I thought it's such an important time, I've served in these elections, I've seen votes and I know what's happening."

She said she has always loved the election process, and has even volunteered as a student judge three times.

But it was the reaction from her peers and others that surprised her when she showcased her dress at her school's fashion show last summer.

"Over the summer when I heard from the board elections, it was shocking. I never imagined something like this would happen, I'm so excited that it did" she said.

The board asked for the piece, which will now go on display at the Election Board as they prepare for the Century Celebration of the 19th Amendment that granted women the right to vote.

The Board of Elections also passed a resolution to salute Mila's artwork.

Mila said will not only volunteer at this year's primary election, but she is now old enough to vote herself.
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