Ice Castles return to Lake Geneva in new location

LAKE GENEVA, Wis. (WLS) -- A popular winter attraction in Lake Geneva will be featured at a new location this year.

The CEO of Ice Castles, Ryan Davis, said they hope to open in January at the Geneva National Resort & Club as long as the weather permits.

"Our partnership with Geneva National Resort will allow us to create an even bigger castle with more interactive features and magical elements for guests to enjoy," Davis said.

The seasonal entertainment company is known to create elaborate castles built entirely from ice in several cities across North America. Last winter, Ice Castles at Lake Geneva drew in thousands of people despite fluctuating temperatures and a Polar Vortex, according to the company.

Professional ice artisans grow, harvest and hand-place up to 10,000 icicles each day to create the outdoor attraction. The experience features ice-carved tunnels, fountains, slides, crawl spaces and slot canyons, which are illuminated at night with color-changing LED lights.

The company said construction on the castle in Lake Geneva should begin in late October or early November.
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