Man mows snow-covered lawn out of winter frustration

Now that winter is over and the snow has melted, we can all get back to mowing the lawn every week. But in other parts of the world, they're getting a head start on warm weather chores.

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As Iceland's first day of summer still brought miserably freezing weather and snow storms to its residents, Johann Birgisson expressed his frustration by making a video of himself ironically mowing his snow-filled lawn.

The video, aptly titled "Icelandic summer//Travel to Iceland//Weather in Icel" shows Birgisson bearing through icy winds and snowfall to cuts through the snow. As he does this, a friend rakes behind him in a laughably futile effort to get summertime going.

"It was just a joke, something we recorded because my sister had started mowing the lawn in Sweden," Birgisson told "The reaction is a little stronger than we expected -- it's been watched around the world."
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