I-Team: Don't be fooled by Apple iCloud phone scams

Could you be fooled into giving up your iCloud account information?

The I-Team discovered why it is becoming harder for consumers to spot the scam.

Previously, the I-Team reported on phishing emails luring you into giving up your iCloud information.

Now, the scam attempts are coming in the form of fake iCloud calls- some of which look like they really are from Apple.

The call says it is coming from Apple. On your phone screen, it looks real- even the logo. But it's not Apple calling- it's spoofing technology used to fool you.

It's really a scam call looking for your iCloud info.

But remember- if you are tricked into giving up your user iCloud name and password, scammers could access your banking and social media apps, pictures, texts and other personal information.

Apple will never call you unless you already called Apple support and left your number. When in doubt, go to Apple's support page and call the number on the official website.

Jason Knowles called that questionable number. The response - a busy signal.

It is very common for these numbers to go out of service and then get a new phone number.

The Federal Trade Commission received nearly 143,000 reports about tech support scams in 2018.

The big warning here is that the criminal's technology is getting better, so the call that looks like it's coming from Apple -or another company- may look real, but it's most likely fake.

Most companies don't call consumers unless you've called them first. If there's a problem with an account they will send you a letter.
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