Don't want another Trump, GOP election judge tells voters

CHICAGO (WLS) -- A Republican election judge was expelled on Tuesday after authorities said he gave GOP voters provisional ballots, explaining, "We don't want another person like President Trump."

The 67-year-old man was working in the 42nd Ward at the time of the incident, election officials said Tuesday evening.

By giving out provisional ballots the votes would be set aside as potentially improper and not counted until further investigation.

Chicago election officials say they discovered that he improperly gave 14 Republican voters provisional ballots.

Why the judge attempted to manipulate voters from his own party is not known and efforts by the I-Team to reach him Tuesday night for an explanation of the Trump remark were unsuccessful.

He was one of two volunteer judges who had to be ousted from their positions during the primary election.

Election days in the Chicago area usually are replete with tales of drunken judges, boisterous polling place arguments and displays of aberrant behavior at precincts. In recent years the number of misbehaving election judges has gone down, officials said.

On Tuesday Chicago election officials also bounced a woman working as an election judge in a Logan Square polling place. They said she was being "disruptive" to co-workers in the voting precinct.

Finally, a spokesperson for the Chicago Board of Elections said that a third judge went AWOL during Election Day. The woman, a judge in Chicago's 4th Ward, left the polling place to run an errand according to authorities. She simply never returned, they said.
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