Impact of serial stowaway Marilyn Hartman on airport security

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Serial stowaway Marilyn Hartman is due in court Wednesday to face charges for her latest incident.

But what is the cost of Hartman's actions and how will her actions impact airport security on your next trip.

Operations were altered at O'Hare after Marilyn Hartman made it through a TSA checkpoint on January 14 and eventually boarded an international flight.

TSA moved stanchions around the checkpoints. Evaluation of the layout is also among the items being reviewed.

Law enforcement analyst John O'Malley expects many agencies are doing a deep dive into how that incident happened and others involving Hartman.

"Where are those gaps, how is she penetrating those gaps and, more importantly, what do they have to do to close those gaps so this doesn't happen again," said John O'Malley. "Making sure everyone gets back together to find out where it is that the vulnerability was and trying to shore that up so that someone who's looking to do harm at the airport doesn't have the capability of getting through."

Transportation expert Joe Schwieterman said attention to systems and personnel training might be needed.

"The fact that she didn't evoke any suspicion is really shocking," said transportation expert Joe Schwieterman. "If there is any kind of profiling happening that may be inclined to give her the benefit of the doubt that raises eyebrows, would this have happened had it been an international traveler?"

As federal and local agencies investigate, Hartman is being held at the Cook County Jail again.

Days after she was told by a judge to stay away from Chicago airports she was arrested at O'Hare again over the weekend.

Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart says there are many cases like Hartman-- repeat offenders of nonviolent crimes with mental health issues.

"Criminal penalties are meaningless here, just absolutely meaningless," said Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart. "There has to be a high, high level of monitoring,"

Concern about someone else who may have malevolent aims watching Hartman's case is real. Plus, there is the cost to taxpayers. The sheriff's department estimated Hartman's various stints in jail since 2015 have cost taxpayers $100,000 and more for some of the intensive mental health treatment she's been getting.
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