US Marine Alexander Curry-Fishtorn, 22, charged in connection with kidnapping Crown Point teen

CROWN POINT, Ind. (WLS) -- A man has been charged in the kidnapping of a Northwest Indiana teenager who was the subject of an Amber Alert last weekend.

Alexander Curry-Fishtorn, 22, is facing felony charges, including four counts of kidnapping, five counts of criminal confinement, six counts of stalking, and three counts of domestic battery, according to the Lake County (IN) Sheriff's Department.

An Amber Alert was issued nationwide for the 16-year-old Sunday morning. She returned home with her family Monday morning after she was found safe in Arkansas.

22-year-old Alexander Martin Curry-Fishtorn.

According to prosecutors, Curry-Fishtorn dragged the teen into his car off the road near Crown Point Friday night, after her car broke down on her way home from work. Her car was found abandoned with her belongings still inside at an intersection not far from home.

According to the affidavit, Eddlemon told prosecutors she quickly realized Curry-Fishtorn had planned the entire thing, and had all his belongings in the back of the car.

Eddlemon said Curry-Fishtorn told her, "I have a gun, don't try anything".

She said Curry-Fishtorn drove her to a friend's house in Arkansas, where he said he'd planned to hold her until she turned 18 years old and charges could be dropped.

The girl's mother, Nichole Cain, said Curry-Fishtorn is a U.S. Marine reservist who kidnapped her daughter and then drove to a friend's house in Arkansas where he allegedly forced her to dye her hair.

"He rigged the car so the door wouldn't open," said Cain. "She was trying to get out. She said she was kicking and screaming when he grabbed her and just took off. And she went from a blonde to now her hair is dyed black."

Cain said Curry-Fishtorn has been stalking her daughter for over a year after meeting her at a Marine recruitment facility in Crown Point. She was training there with a group of young people once a week to one day become a Marine.

She said Curry-Fishtorn was assisting the training program and started secretly seeing her daughter, which then allegedly led to physical abuse, threats of violence and ultimately an order of protection.

It appears she may not have been his only target.

"I had two mothers write me and say he did the exact same thing to them, but when police got involved he stopped," Cain said. "They banned him from the building to stop him from assisting, they did stop him from being around the kids."

ABC7 has reached out to the Marines, who said they are in the process of gathering information. If he is found guilty of the allegations he will be held accountable under the Uniform Code of Military Justice as well.

Authorities have not shared how they were found.

Curry-Fishtorn is being held in Arkansas pending extradition to Lake County, Indiana.
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