4-Star Chicagoan: Dawn Hancock, of Reason to Give

CHICAGO -- With all the negative things happening in Chicago, but it's important to point out the good, such as the Chicagoans who are making a difference in our community.

WCL's latest "4-Star-Chicagoan" is Dawn Hancock, founder of Reason to Give, which has helped thousands in Chicago's Humboldt Park neighborhood with the education and resources they need to succeed.

Reason to Give is a nonprofit organization, which was founded in 2007 by Hancock, owner of Firebelly Design. It was a way for her growing studio to do good in their own backyard. What began as a cool website and the dream of a do-gooder, helping a few local families, has developed into a strong organization reaching hundreds and changing lives.

Every August, they provide backpacks full of school supplies to 100 children in our program. Through the holiday events, they provide winter coats, clothing, toys, and help to fulfill our families' wish lists. They now offer students 20 weeks of intense classes that help them overcome obstacles in their personal lives, prepare them to be successful in school or the workplace, and educate them on all the opportunities available in their community. Professional and peer mentors guide students through the first half, until the students become mentors themselves. In the end, students walk away with all the tools they need to be successful, including a laptop and a huge network of successful people willing to help them.

More information, visit: https://www.reasontogive.com/

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