'Bachelor' Pilot Pete weighs in on clapping after a flight lands: 'It's pretty much useless'

LOS ANGELES -- Bad news, end-of-flight clappers: Your show of support for the captain apparently goes unnoticed, at least in the moment.

That's according to current "Bachelor" Peter Weber, a commercial airline pilot known as "Pilot Pete," who spilled the beans about applause at the end of the flight in a segment on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" Monday evening.

Weber told Kimmel the pilots in the cockpit can't hear the applause, explaining: "We have noise-canceling headphones on to help with all the air going over the windshield, and we have that cockpit door which is reinforced like crazy. It's pretty much useless."

"Keep doing it because it makes us feel good knowing that it happened," Weber added.

"Here's to positive reinforcement, no matter how ridiculous," Kimmel joked.

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