Chicago jobs: Securitas looking to fill 250 positions in city, suburbs

CHICAGO (WLS) -- If you're ready to work, security firm Securitas is currently hiring for 250 positions with benefits in the Chicagoland area.

The firm's vice president and a representative from CareerBuilder talked to ABC7 Chicago about who's a good fit for a career in security.

"The typical day of a security officer is not typical," said Securitas Area Vice President Sean Keating.

Keating started at the company as a security officer about 15 years ago.

"So when I look at these opportunities, I don't look at it as a paycheck. I don't look at it as a 9 to 5. I look at these opportunities as a pathway to hopefully a career," Keating said.

Those opportunities abound 250 or more openings in Chicago and the suburbs. No previous experience is required, training is paid, and all positions come with benefits.

Chicago-based employment website CareerBuilder offered a broader look at the job market.

"We're looking at real time data, and we're starting to see that uptick coming back into what we're seeing as the 'Great Rehire,'" said CareerBuilder Vice President of Enterprise Sales Chris Shelley. "We're starting to see a lot of companies outreach."

Shelley said even with a 13.3% unemployment rate, some jobs are coming back.

"I think a lot of people are looking at those skills and seeing where they can transfer that," he said. "So go and get that certification that you always wanted. And maybe go and apply and get that degree that you wanted. Let's start that now."

CareerBuilder explained that one of the best ways to get involved with one of these 250 jobs openings at Securitas is to upload your resume to their website. They have a step-by-step process to create your resume through their app to hook in to any of the job openings they have online. That process is demonstrated in the video above.

"In the pandemic that we're in, the day and age that we're in, where people are losing their jobs, losing their benefits, losing the career that they had," Keating said. "We can offer and extend these opportunities and hopefully develop that into something that they want to stay and do long term."

Apply to open Securitas jobs and other positions on CareerBuilder's website.

You can also apply directly through Securitas' website.
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