South Side gospel artist Jonathan McReynolds nominated for Grammy

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Jonathan McReynolds, a gospel artist from Chicago's South Side, just might win a Grammy this weekend.

McReynolds was a bright kid at Whitney Young, graduated from Columbia College and got a master's degree at Moody Bible Institute. He wanted to be a meteorologist, but his song was waiting to be sung.

"I played the drums in church, played organ, I never sang, though, I hated singing. I threw absolute temper tantrums if anybody asked me to sing," he recalled.

McReynolds has been Grammy-nominated before.

"It's something you work for, you work toward, you hope that this is going to happen," McReynolds said. "Especially, the last album, it was mature, we felt good about it, we really want this one to have it."

McReynolds praised the single mother who raised him. She will be his date for the Grammys as well.

"I'll be suited and booted and sophisticated and very green!" he said of his award show outfit.

But a Grammy might not be his favorite treasure; he's quite fond of the Mensa ring he just earned.

"This past summer, when I got in, was the realization of a real childhood dream," he said. "This reminds me of who I am."

His faith and Chicago define his path.

"Chicago is a place I've learned to love and have blind loyalty for," McReynolds said. "The lens has always been faith, the lens has always been a pursuit, the chase has always been authentic understanding that I am on the way but not there yet."
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