'Dodger Killer' Justin Verlander of Houston Astros dropped with $1M lunch bill in Beverly Hills

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. -- We're betting Justin Verlander isn't "getting the check" for a lunch costing more than $1 million.

The Houston Astros starting pitcher was reminded in Beverly Hills that he and his squad were responsible for breaking the hearts of Los Angeles Dodgers fans in the last World Series.

Verlander snapped a photo of his bill from the Cabana Cafe at The Beverly Hills Hotel and posted it to his Instagram.

The food prices check out: $9 latte, $30 pancakes, etc.

You can cue a record scratch with the "Open Miscellaneous" item, which we're assuming is a write-in item by the waiter.

Under that item reads "Dodger Killer" and the price of $1 million.

What's equally astounding is the bill's tax hovers around $95,000.

"#BeverlyHillsHotel really making me pay for that World Series win," Verlander posted on Instagram. "Thanks for the great lunch as always."

We wonder if he left a 15 percent tip.

He and the Astros are in Southern California for a series against the Los Angeles Angels.
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