'There's still good in the world,' dog owner says

A woman whose dog, Kayla, was inside a stolen doggy day care van is thankful all seven dogs survived the bitter temperatures overnight.

"I am ecstatic. I'm so glad that everybody is OK. That even the little dogs made it. That's the best thing," Laura Potts said.

Potts and her dog were reunited at Urban Out-Sitters on Thursday afternoon. On Wednesday, Kayla and six other dogs were dog-napped by an armed suspect during a robbery. The offenders stole the doggy day care van with the dogs inside.

"There really aren't any words to describe how good this is. The emotional roller coaster. The anger and frustration that somebody would steal a van full of dogs and point a gun at a decent person. The humanity that at least they were found. They didn't hurt them. And we're all getting our dogs back. So there's still good in the world," Potts said.

The van and dogs were found late Thursday morning in the Near South Side neighborhood.