Sister testifies for kidney donor brother facing deportation

CHICAGO (WLS) -- The fates of a Chicago woman in need of a life-saving kidney transplant and her brother, a match for her surgery, who is facing deportation, could soon be decided.

Thursday, Jazmin Longoria-Lara, 23, told an immigration judge that her brother was her last hope of getting a kidney. She left court still unclear if her brother will be spared from deportation.

"I'm really sad," she said. "I wanted him to get out today. I want to get an answer."

Relatives say Argenis Longoria-Lara, 27, is a perfect match, but lost his legal permanent resident status after pleading guilty to a burglary. He remains in custody and currently faces deportation to Mexico. Jazmin is a U.S. citizen.

"He lost his legal status because he was told if he pled guilty he would get out sooner," says Emma Lozano, LULC immigration co-chair, "then he could give his transplant to his sister. That was bad representation."

Lin Li, the family's attorney, has filed an appeal, which is now under review, asking to stay the deportation orders at least until the transplant is complete.

"Her brother was detained in immigration," Li said, "and that's why we are trying very hard to get her brother out, so they can finish the kidney transplant.

A few years ago, Jazmin's mother donated a kidney to her, but her body rejected it in 2011.

She's been on in dialysis for four years, her arm disfigured by the treatments she receives every other day.

"I seen her, how she feels every day," say her aunt Marta Jaschke. "Sometimes she sleeps all day long. She's tired. She doesn't want to go anywhere."

Jazmin and her family remain hopeful that the court will grant a stay of deportation. The court could rule early next week.
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