Woman paints rocks to get boyfriend new kidney

Fla. -- From a young couple facing a life-threatening medical challenge came an idea that reached hundreds of miles away and spread thousands of miles wide.

Robert Fallon, 22, will not forget the day he was diagnosed with kidney disease.

"I was diagnosed September fourth of 2017," said Fallon recalling the day doctors told him he had FSGS.

"It's one of the most aggressive forms of kidney disease a person can get," he said.

The search for a donor went on for over two years, reported WINK.

In hopes to speed-up the process, his girlfriends - now fiancé Krystal Sparks - got the idea to paint rocks, asking for a kidney donor.

"I started painting rocks, and at first it was just us that was spreading them, and we would spread them on the way to Roanoke and on the way to Charlottesville to his appointments and stuff," said Sparks.

She painted hundreds of rocks with Fallon's blood type and an email address.

Family and friends also jumped in to help her spread them all over the country.

Sparks' mission that started in Elk Creek, Virginia, ended up reaching all the way to Cape Coral, Florida.

"Since I couldn't help be a donor, I wanted to help spread her special message," said Lisa Brandt.

Brandt painted more than a dozen rocks for Fallon.

"I sent some out to Colorado, Indiana, with my mother in law to Germany, and I spread some myself in Italy just this last September just to get the word out there," said Brandt.

The young couple said they are thankful for Brandt's help.

"It makes your heart explode," Sparks said.

"It gives you hope that there is still good people in the world," Fallon added.

On February 28, 2019, Fallon finally getting his new kidney.