Chicago organization helps those confronting homelessness with access to stable housing

CHICAGO (WLS) -- La Casa Norte has been providing vital community services for years, services that are needed now more than ever.

For 18 years now their mission has been clear and their focus direct.

"La Casa Norte serves youth and families who are confronting homelessness. We provide access to stable housing and we deliver comprehensive services," said the organization's executive director, Jose Munoz.

Their goal is to give a helping hand to those who have nowhere else to turn.

"The first step is to try and get a roof over their heads, provide a warm meal; from there we start working and looking for ways to stabilize their lives," Munoz said.

Not only do they offer emergency shelters on the Southside and Logan Square, but they also have drop-in centers to get young people out of the elements and daily efforts all over town to help folks find apartments.

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On top of it all, they are also helping to feed people.

"We've already served over 10,000 individuals through our various programs. That's twice as many as we served the year before and about four times the amount we served the year before that," Munoz said.

Munoz said more families are coming in looking for assistance as well.

"In fact, a few folks that are looking for housing assistance are also looking for rental assistance; folks that aren't necessarily homeless but are on the verge of getting there, so we provide rental assistance and utility assistance," Munoz said.

But that's not the only help they need.

"You'd be surprised how many people are coming looking for basic needs: food, groceries, toiletries, diapers for children, formula," Munoz said. "Pulling together to help each other out, you know with the belief that we are our brothers' and sisters' keepers."

La Casa Norte operates with a relatively small staff and many volunteers.

They are planning a virtual fundraising gala near the end of October to help with those efforts.

For more information, visit the La Casa Norte website.
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