Boy mourns beloved horse after electrocution in puddle

LOS ANGELES -- A 13-year-old boy mourned the loss of his beloved horse Monday night after it was electrocuted while the boy and a friend were out riding in Lake View Terrace.

Shortly before 7:30 p.m., a transformer fire erupted in the 10900 block of West Foothill Boulevard. Firefighters responded to the scene and worked to put out the fire. During that time, a puddle of water became energized.

As firefighters worked to put the blaze, two horses and two young riders approached the scene. Firefighters said they tried to wave off the young boys, but Manuel Medina, 13, and his friend said they did not realize anything was wrong.

When they got closer, the friend's horse was able to jump over the puddle, but Medina's horse did not make it. As soon as the horse walked into the puddle, it fell to the ground with Medina.

Medina was not hurt, but said he tried to help the 20-year-old horse.

"I never felt it. I got off and went around and tried helping the horse, but he didn't make it. He was being electrocuted, he was shaking," he said.

Just last year, the treasured horse escaped death. He was one of only four horses out of about 30 in his stable to survive the Creek Fire.

"I'm real sad. I'm not scared. I'm sad," Medina said.

About 900 people in the area remained without power and officials said repairs could not be made until they remove the horse's body.

The cause of the fire was unknown.
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