Jason Van Dyke Trial: Verdict could come by end of next week

CHICAGO (WLS) -- A verdict could come by the end of next week in the trial of Officer Jason Van Dyke.

On Monday, the defense resumes its case.

The suspended Chicago police officer is on trial for the murder of Laquan McDonald.

The high profile case caused more security precaution. The most recent extra protection was for a nun and priest from Van Dyke's parish who have been in court.

Laquan McDonald Shooting, Jason Van Dyke Case Timeline

Amid additional security, Van Dyke's defense team called several witnesses this to make their case that the 17 year old shot 16 times was out of control that night in 2014.

"Creating this image of a young black men who is a danger to society that reinforces all the worst stereotypes of young black men in Chicago," said ABC7 Political Analyst Laura Washington.

Washington says the historical divide between communities of color and Chicago police can grow wider with those types of arguments and this case has been watched closely by some.

"I think people are coming away with this is a lot more complicated story than just the shooting of a young black man," Washington said.

ABC7 Legal Analyst Bob Milan is a former prosecutor.

Milan says in this polarizing case some jurors may see the shots fired - especially once McDonald is on the ground - as murder and or battery but others could sympathize with the split second decision of the police officer.

"I think the deliberations will be lively and long," Milan said. "There will be some people in that jury that put themselves in the shoes of Officer Van Dyke and say he didn't bring this stressful situation on himself he was put in a tough spot, maybe he didn't react perfectly, but he was put in a tough position."

The jurors need to be unanimous in their verdict. If not, it's a hung jury - meaning Van Dyke would be tried again before another jury.

Jurors have several charges to consider.

Van Dyke is charged with two counts of first degree murder, official misconduct and 16 counts of aggravated battery, one for each of the shots fired.

Van Dyke may testify. We will likely find out Monday when the trial resumes.

Closing arguments are expected on Thursday.
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