Laquan McDonald police radio calls released

CHICAGO (WLS) -- For the first time we are hearing the police dispatch tapes from the night Laquan McDonald was killed.

Radio conversations reveal fewer than five minutes would pass between the call from officers asking for a taser and officer Jason Van Dyke opening fire.

McDonald would collapse on the street, and listening to the audio, police would shut down the intersection.

The initial exchange calls simply for an officer with a taser.

Officer: "This guy's, uh, kind of walking (unintelligible) but he's got a knife in his hand."
Dispatch: "Alright anybody have a taser..."

A squad responds, but dispatch makes another request.

Dispatch: "Anyone else closer? 4001 Keeler with a taser?"

Recorded on dash cam videos obtained by Eyewitness News, several police cars are seen heading to the scene.

Dispatch: "East bound on 40th Street, man armed with knife."

Laquan McDonald is also seen on video jogging away from cops through a burger king parking lot moments before he is killed.

Dispatch: "Let me know when he's in custody guys."

But just seconds later:

Officer: "Shots fired by the police. Shots fired by the police."
Dispatch: "Are you guys ok?"
Officer: "10-4, everything is fine. Roll an ambulance over here."

Dash cam video showed Officer Jason Van Dyke and his partner exit their SUV, both with guns drawn.

Van Dyke would fire 16 rounds at McDonald. He's now charged with murder.

After the shooting, the police quickly shut down the intersection.
Officer: "45th and Pulaski, let's shut down all traffic. We got the intersection shut down here with this."

Van Dyke's attorney says he is considering seeking a change of venue out of Cook County because of comments made by Mayor Emanuel and the attention his client's case has generated.

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