'My dog ate my work schedule' among bizarre excuses workers gave for being late in new survey

A new survey asks employers to name the weirdest excuses they've heard for why workers show up late.

Everyone's had a day when they slept through their alarm, or their car wouldn't start, but these excuses are a whole different story.

In the CareerBuilder survey, one person said, "My dog ate my work schedule" and another person said, "I was here, but I fell asleep in the parking lot. My fake eyelashes were stuck together. "

Other bizarre excuses include:

  • It's too cold to work

  • I had morning sickness (it was a man)

  • My coffee was too hot and I couldn't leave until it cooled off

  • An astrologer warned me of a car accident on a major highway, so I took all backroads, making me an hour late

  • Although it has been five years, I forgot I did not work at my former employer's location and drove there on accident

The CareerBuilder survey found one in four workers admitted to being late at least once a month and 12 percent said it is a weekly occurrence. Traffic (51 percent) was the most common reason for people being late, followed by oversleeping (31 percent) and bad weather (28 percent)
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