Brawl erupts in middle of Hmong New Year celebration

FRESNO, Calif. -- Local law enforcement is working on ways to make the area even safer, following a brawl that broke out Wednesday night well after the New Year celebration had come to a close for the day.

"Moving forward there will be a much different security plan in place and some restrictions on what happens out here after hours," said Lt. Richard Tucker.

What happened after hours Wednesday night shocked police and event organizers alike.

When a concert inside the Ag building turned violent, with music fans throwing punches and chairs.

According to Hmong New Year organizers, the music event was put on by an out of town promoter and was completely separate from the New Year celebration.

"The Hmong culture new year celebration we had the celebration in the daytime. We sublease our building out to other sub-contractors to host their own event and they are required to have their own security guards with that contract," said Hmong New Year Coordinator Va Her.

Police say there were enough security guards in place but are taking a closer look at after-hour events and the consumption of alcohol while on the fairgrounds.

"It has been a great event, I encourage everybody to come and walk around absolutely safe event. This was an after-hours event with a promoter involved with a little too much alcohol not being monitored," said Lt. Richard Tucker.
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