Lion tamer back in the ring after attack during circus performance in Ukraine

UKRAINE -- A lion tamer is back in the ring after a lion attacked him during a circus performance in Ukraine more than one week ago.

The terrifying moment 32-year-old Hamada Kouta was mauled was caught on camera.

Video posted by PETA shows the moment the lion clamped onto Kouta's arm, forcing him to the ground.

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"Two seconds; he's come to me and attack me and catch me," Kouta told ABC News reporter Marci Gonzalez.

The trainer was able to fend the lion off, but he said one of the animal's teeth was still stuck in his muscle.

Experts said Kouta was lucky to walk away with a few gashes and bite marks.

"The trainer's life was absolutely in danger," said Ron Magill with Zoo Miami. "He's very lucky to survive that. If that lion had gotten the trainer by the neck it probably wouldn't have ended as well as it did."

Kouta is still working with the lion and admits the attack was not the lion's fault but his own.

"This is not (the) first time I have attacked ... they have so many times ... These lions and tigers for me just like my sons, like my daughter."
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