4-Star Chicagoan: 'Lend Me Your Ears' founder Lizzie Ferrazza

This week's 4-Star-Chicagoan, Lizzie Ferrazza, is a 13-year-old from Arlington Heights who combined her love of animals and passion for jewelry making to help local animal shelters. She first got the idea when her mom purchased a jewelry making kit, and she used the craft to help animals after learning about the difference between kill and no-kill shelters. Lizzie started 'Lend Me Your Ears' so she can raise money from her handmade jewelry sales to donate to the shelters. At first, Lizzie started with broken jewelry, old costume jewelry, and purchased additional materials. Now, Lizzie has most of the jewelry donated to her. Since starting 'Lend Me Your Ear's Lizzie has donated over $6,000 to local no-kill shelters and she herself has even adopted a dog.

More on 'Lend Me Your Ears': http://www.lendmeyourears.net

Special thanks to:
Berry Yo: http://berry-yo.com

Bentley's Pet Stuff: https://www.petstuff.com
Second City Canine Rescue: http://www.secondcitycaninerescue.org/adoptable-dogs