Drive-in entertainment, circus and concerts from your car

LOS ANGELES -- The pandemic has brought music concerts worldwide to an abrupt halt. So an event producer in Ventura, California got creative and re-imagined the drive-in concept.

"It's a completely new experience. This is not supposed to take the place of a regular concert," said Vincenzo Giammanco, CEO & Founder of CBF Productions. "When we were creating this, we wanted to have all kinds of different entertainment and my wife said, 'You need a circus.'

They reached out to the Zoppé Italian Family Circus which agreed to take the show to California.

"This is completely new. This has never happened before," said Giovanni Zoppé, Circus Artist and Producer.

"My family started the circus over seven generations ago in 1842 and we're still going today."

"We're very excited about this new adventure. In the show, you're not only going to see a true circus, but on top of that, we also have a movie that's gong to be telling our story," said Zoppé. "So it'll be a truly, truly multimedia experience.

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