Meet the Chalk Artist

CHICAGO -- Nina Sawica has been drawing on walls for most of her life, and now she does it for a living - with chalk!

Sawica is focused on celebrating the happy in life, one chalkboard at a time, by creating customized sign decor for local businesses, events and special announcements.

"Showcasing community and happiness is key to who I am," Sawica said. "I feel like this world is filled with enough ugly and darkness and we don't need to focus on it. It doesn't mean that it doesn't exist, but there's good out there too."

In October, Sawica collaborated with the Women & Children First book store in Chicago's Andersonville neighborhood, calling it an opportunity to "outshine some messages of hate."

Her chalk sidewalk art featured messages supporting the LGBT community, such as "trans rights are human rights."

"Really help make sure messages of love and inclusiveness and acceptance shine way brighter." she said.