School makes letters for nursing homes in their community

Students at Northside Catholic Academy in Chicago are making letters and drawings for the people living in nursing and retirement homes in their community to lift their spirits.

NCA Cares Volunteer, Julie Sipchen, put a call out to all parents asking for their kids to send words of kindness.

When Sipchen reached out to local nursing homes she was told they didn't want paper, so she created what she call "digital cheer-spreading."

The kids who participate range from first grade to eight grade with a varying range of skill.

"I think we all feel a little out of control with what is going on and there is so little we can do because there is so little that we know," Sipchen said. "It's our hope that these people who are feeling lonely, isolated or frightened, have a moment of comfort."

If you'd like to send a letter, email
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