Restaurateur flies animals to safety

A Chicago restaurateur has been coping with the pandemic's effect on his businesses by saving dogs and cats in need.

Eduard Seitan owns several restaurants in the Chicagoland area.

Once the pandemic hit, he's had to close several and let go of many people. One way he's been coping with the stress of the situation is by rescuing dogs and cats.

Seitan has used his pilot license to help rescue animals from the south and has worked with Pilots and Paws for several years.

Pilots and Paws is a non-profit organization where people with pilot licenses can volunteer to help animals in need of rescuing.

The organizations saves over 15,000 animals a year.

"Its incredibly rewarding to help a dog or a cat to get a second chance," said Seitan.

So far, Seitan has helped rescue over 10 dogs and cats during the pandemic.

He said his work isn't done just yet.
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