Canadian woman finds out what happens when you leave your car window open during a blizzard

A Canadian woman was surprised to walk up to her car after a snowstorm and find it packed full of freshly fallen snow.

Lola Parsons of Conception Bay South said she and her friend Gail initially thought strong winds had blown out the front passenger window of her black sedan or possibly even a burglar. They realized they were wrong, though, as they dug out the car and realized there was no broken glass.

"I looked to my best friend Gail and said, 'Oh my god, Gail, I left the window down.' And then we both started laughing hysterically," Parsons told AccuWeather.

Parsons said she spent about an hour digging the two feet of snow out of the car by hand.

"It was packed underneath the seats because the wind was whipping around...I got all the snow out and I turned on the heater and the heated seats," she said. "It was too cold for any of the snow to have melted in my car. It was really fine particles of ice almost, so I lucked out there that nothing melted in the car and my car is pretty good."
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