Rescue underway for soldiers in Rocky Mountains

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Friday, June 3, 2016
This is an undated handout photograph supplied by the Rocky Mountain National Park of Lochvale

BOULDER, Colo. (WLS) -- A rescue attempt is currently underway for 11 members of a Green Beret unit from Fort Carson, Colorado, who are overdue to return from mountain climbing training exercises.

The soldiers were conducting training exercises on Thursday on Long's Peak in Rocky Mountain National Park. Two members of the unit began experiencing altitude sickness during their ascent to the top of the mountain.

The group was forced to spend the night on the mountain.

According to Lt. Colonel Sean Ryan, a spokesman for the 10th Special Forces Group based at Fort Carson, this is not usual as altitude sickness can be a factor in mountain training.

"No one is lost, missing or injured," said Ryan. "It's typical for what happens in Colorado mountain training."

Several first responders, including helicopters, are now trying to help evacuate the group from the mountain.