Woman gives birth along highway during traffic stop

HUNTSVILLE, AL -- The baby was in a hurry and so were his parents. Danny and Shawna Lowe were speeding to a Huntsville, Alabama, hospital to give birth when they were pulled over by a state trooper.

Danny Lowe recalled to local station WAAY, "She started grabbing the handle on the truck and I knew she was in pain and I knew she was getting closer, so I wanted to get there so I started to speed up a little bit more."

When the trooper started to question them about their speed, she went into labor, giving birth to their baby boy on the highway. Danny helped out.

"All I could think it grab his head and pull him out," he said.

Alabama State Trooper Mike Kesler helped clean the baby and keep the family warm.

Shawna and her healthy baby boy -- whom the couple named Barrett - were sent to the hospital.

The couple says the trooper gave the couple a warning ticket for speeding.

Danny Lowe, referring to the ticket, said, "This was his official birth certificate because this gave us the time and in the details he wrote that I was speeding and the wife had a beautiful baby boy."
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