Loyola Ramblers midfielder worries about distance as mom works COVID-19 front lines in UK

CHICAGO (WLS) -- Many of us aren't able to be with our moms on Mother's Day, but for one local athlete, its more than just distance. He's worried about mom's safety as she works the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Heading towards his senior season at Loyola University Chicago, British native Giann Magno is used to playing with his biggest fan overseas.

"I've been living away from home because of soccer since I was 15, but more so this time it's just more difficult because I'm worried about my mom because she's working, and about my family because I'm so far away," Magno said.

"There's not a day that I don't worry, so it's kind of a good thing that we can manage to FaceTime every day and just check on each other," Ruth Magno said.

But the Ramblers midfielder is checking on mom more these days, knowing she is exposed to COVID-19 on a daily basis.

"Here in the U.K., I work in intensive care, as a front liner we look after the very sick of this pandemic. The first few weeks beginning of COVID-19, it was very difficult emotionally, physically and psychologically. We have lost quite a few, even without family in their bed side to comfort them and hold their hands, it was a very heartbreaking experience," Ruth Magno said.

"To say I'm worried about my mom is an understatement, but I've kind of learned that I can't really dwell in those worries because I can't really control much. I just have to support my mom the most that I can from where I am," Giann Magno said.

"I can't even measure how proud I am, to be honest," Giann Magno said when asked how proud he was of his mother. "My mom is - as a family we've gone through a lot, especially because we lost our dad in 2015 - and my mom ever since then has been the rock in the family. She's held us all together, she's been the source of all of our strength right now. So you know, to see her on the front line of this crazy situation, and to see how she's still smiling and staying positive, it encourages me to do the same and make sure that I don't dwell in negative feelings here on my own."

Ruth Magno was planning to come watch her son play at Loyola for the first time on senior night this fall, but now obviously that is in question.

With the risks of travel, they aren't sure when they'll reunite, just like all of us staying patient and as connected as possible.
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