Shedd Aquarium reveals names of newest baby penguins

CHICAGO (WLS) -- The Shedd Aquarium's newest baby penguins now have names.

The female Magellanic penguin chicks that hatched in May were only known as Chick 420 and 421.

After an online vote, Shedd Aquarium members have decided on the names of Calista and Carmen.

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The names were selected to reflect the geographic native habitats of Magellanic penguins, which derive from Isla Calista, Falkand Islands and Carmen, Argentina.

Other names choices included Rosie and Reina, Sara and Solis or Loma and Lively, also derived from areas within the species' southern range.

Guests will have a chance to see Calista (Chick 420) and Carmen (Chick 421) periodically in the Polar Play Zone.

The two chicks are bit lighter and grayer than the other penguins and should have their full adult plumage in a year.
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