5-year-old with leukemia gets wish to make Chicago "Godzilla" film

CHICAGO (WLS) -- A 5-year-old boy diagnosed with leukemia is getting his wish this weekend: to become a movie star right here in Chicago.

Maddex had asked to star in his own movie version of "Godzilla," so the Make-A-Wish project hired a film crew and actors to make it happen.

Maddex helped direct the extras running and screaming through downtown Chicago this weekend.

Even Mayor Rahm Emanuel got a part in the film.

"I'm a Chicago cab driver when the monster comes around about to eat the cab and part of the city, and I run away," Emanuel said with a laugh.

More than 100 actors and extras turned out to make this wish come true for Maddex. Producers plan to continue filming in a studio Sunday.

Since the boy's name is Maddex, the film is called "Madzilla."
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