Hey Siri! Man paralyzed in crash says iPhone saved his life

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A Nevada man says Siri saved his life after he crashed his jeep in the desert.

A Nevada man said Siri saved his life after he crashed his Jeep in the desert.

The vehicle flipped over into a dry lake bed in Pahrump, Nevada, and Nate Felix was trapped. He tried to get out, but he was in pain and couldn't move.

"I tried to crawl out, but my whole body was probably about 80 percent paralyzed. I couldn't even lift my head," Felix told KSNV.

His dog stayed next to him, providing warmth, but Felix didn't think he could survive the night. That's when he shouted at his phone for help.

"So I yelled, 'Hey Siri!' Started yelling, 'Call so and so, call so and so,' going through anyone I could think of," Felix said. "It didn't work out. It said, 'Cannot connect, cannot connect.' So I said, 'Hey Siri, call 911,' and it said, 'Connecting."

Felix kept thinking about his 10-year-old daughter, Dallis.

"I have a daughter, you know? Unfortunately, she lost her mom to cancer... I gotta get home," Felix said.

Pahrump Valley Fire Captain James Perry said first responders used spreaders to pry open the Jeep's door and pull Felix out safely. He spent four days in the hospital.

"The two vertebrae that I broke, turns out to be the nerve endings for the arms and hands. So it feels like my arms are sitting in a fireplace," Felix said.

Felix now uses a wheelchair. He is determined to recover.

"Hopefully getting better day by day," he said.
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