North Carolina man recounts frightening moment stranger knocked on door in middle of night

JOHNSTON COUNTY, N.C. -- A homeowner in Johnston County said a woman showed up at his door unannounced in the middle of the night and began pleading for help.

Daniel Bailey said the incident, which was captured on his surveillance video, happened around 1:18 Monday morning.

The woman claimed she was in trouble and was a neighbor of the Bailey's; however, Bailey nor his wife recognized the woman.

"Obviously me and my wife were shook up very badly. Because we had our weapons drawn on the other side of that door making sure she wasn't going to come in," Bailey said.

Through the door, Bailey tried to learn more about the woman and her situation, as his wife called 911.

"I let her know help's on the way, and when she found out help was on the way, then she got on the way," Bailey said.

He noted by the time Johnston County Sheriff's Deputies had arrived, the woman had already left. When Bailey reviewed his security video more closely, he was able to see an unidentified man hiding.

The woman did not take anything from the home, and Bailey reported no noticeable damage to his property.

Facebook posts about the incident went viral, being shared thousands of times, including by the Middlesex Police Department.

"If someone's knocking on your door late at night, and you don't know who it is - call 911. That's the best thing to do," explained Nash County Police Chief Mike Collins.

Collins said earlier in his career, he worked a case involving a woman knocking on the door with a man hiding behind her once the door was opened. In that case, he said elderly victims were targeted.

While the Middlesex Police Department did not respond to the initial call, Collins began calling neighboring agencies to learn more about the reports.

"I didn't want the citizens here in my town to freak out over it," said Collins.

While most neighboring jurisdictions had not heard of the issue, a Johnston County Sheriff's Office investigator told him they did pick up a woman who admitted to being under the influence of drugs in the area.

She initially told authorities she had been dropped off at the house. The investigator said there was not a man with her at the time, and the woman was taken to a local hospital.

"My suggestion would be, do not open that door until you know without a shadow of a doubt who you are talking to," said Collins.

Off-camera, a spokesperson for the Johnston County Sheriff's Office said they are not aware of a report matching that description. However, he added that an intoxicated person being taken to a local hospital would not necessarily trigger a formal report.
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