Man robbed at gunpoint in North Center walking to work

CHICAGO (WLS) -- A man robbed at gunpoint in the city's North Center neighborhood on his way to work is speaking out to warn his neighbors.

Brodie Gordon walked out of his garage in the 4300-block of North Oakley and down a side street at about 6:15 a.m. Wednesday. He was headed to his car, but the bag on his back was a target.

"When I turned around I realized the car that was driving down the street was parked right next to me," Gordon said.

The white van, captured in a surveillance picture, pulled up inches away from him, according to Gordon.

"When I looked up the passenger had a gun and was pointing it at my head," he said.

In that moment, he could only think one thing.

"My thought was he can have whatever he wants, I just hope he doesn't start shooting," said Gordon.

Gordon immediately handed over the backpack with his wallet and cell phone. But that wasn't quite good enough.

"He demanded my password for my phone," he said. "I gave it to him."
Once he was safely back inside his home, he sprang into action.

"I locked my phone and put a message on there that my phone was stolen and to please call my wife's cell phone number," he said.

Sure enough a few hours later she got a call.

"Someone found it on Old Town and a gentleman was nice enough to call," said Gordon.

The backpack was ditched just a few blocks away, with only a few dollars in cash missing. Still, the experience, on a Wednesday morning on a tree-lined street, was jarring.

"I do think they were driving around for a crime of opportunity. It highlights the need to be vigilant," Gordon said.

Gordon said the man who robbed him was dressed as a security guard, in a dark uniform with a clearly-visible badge.
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